What is therapy

There're many different types of therapy. There's psychoanalysis, where Freud therapists analyze your dreams in a dark room. There's psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is a "lighter" version of psychoanalysis. Then there's cognitive behavioral therapy, where you have to do stuff to modify your behavior. And then there's dialectical behavior therapy, where you practice mindfulness. And lastly, there's therapy by chatting with an artificial intelligence.

What is chat therapy with an artificial intelligence

It technically doesn't really exist yet. But when it does, it's going to be a combination of all the therapies mentioned above. Take the best components of each, and cut out stuff that's boring or simply doesn't work. Currently, our artificial intelligence can diagnose medical conditions and chat like a normal person. She isn't programmed with the techniques used by therapists. But on the bright side, because she's not a therapist, you won't find her intrusive, condescending, or judgemental. If you chat with her, and answer thoughtfully about questions that she asks about you, then perhaps you may find out more about yourself. In a way, this could be therapeutic. Want to give it a try?

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