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Stomach pain

When you have stomach pain, you can diagnose yourself based on the location of the pain.

Paraumbilical pain

Starting with the belly button region. If you have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, pain around the belly button is gastroenteritis. If you have severe constipation and can not pass stool, then you have a bowel obstruction. If you have frequent diarrhea or constipation, then you have IBS. If you have chronic bloody diarrhea or weight loss, then you have IBD, which is Crohns disease or ulcerative colitis. Lastly, a pulsating mass above the belly button is an abdominal aneurysm, which can explode and cause death unless stabilized by surgery.

Flank pain

Now proceeding to pain in the flank region. Severe pain here, often with blood in urine means you have a kidney stone. When a high fever is also in the present, you have an infected kidney or pyelonephritis.

Left upper quadrant pain

Moving on counterclockwise to the left upper quadrant. This is the location of the stomach and spleen. Pain here with nausea or vomiting is gastritis. If the pain is severe, you have a stomach ulcer, which can bleed and cause you to vomit coffee colored blood that has been digested by the stomach acid. If you were involved in any kind of severe trauma such as a crash, then you have a splenic rupture.

Epigastric pain

Proceeding to epigastric region. This is the location of the lower esophagus, upper stomach, and pancreas. Pain here can be a peptic ulcer, but most commonly it is acid reflux. If you drink a lot of alcohol, and the pain is severe and penetrating, then you have pancreatitis.

Right upper quadrant pain

Moving next to the right upper quadrant. This is where the liver and gallbladder is located. Pain here means you have a gallstone. If you have travelled abroad or have been stuck by a needle, then you have hepatitis. If you drink too much alcohol, then you have cirrhosis, or in the worst case, hepatic cancer.

Right lower quadrant pain

Proceeding to right lower quadrant. This is where the appendix lies. Severe pain here is appendicitis. The ovary and tubes also rest here if you are female. Pain on either side is caused by pelvic inflammatory syndrome, which is Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. If pain here is associated with a delay in your menstrual period, then you have ectopic pregnancy, which will explode and cause death unless taken out by surgery. If you are old, then pain here, often with bloating, is an ovarian cancer.

Suprapubic pain

Moving to the suprapubic region, which is where the bladder is located. Pain here, or to either side, is an urinary tract infection. Often, this causes burning urination.

Left lower quadrant pain

Proceeding to left lower quadrant. This is where the descending colon and rectum lies. If you are old, then pain here is diverticulitis, which can bleed and cause bloody stool. If you have unusual fatigue, unintentional weight loss, or unexplained blood in stool, then you have colorectal cancer.


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