What is a Robot Doctor?

We think of robot doctors as machines that can act like a doctor. Here at Androctor.com, we are better at creating robot doctors than writing about them. You can chat with Androctor Anna the prototypical robot doctor on our website.

Currently, our robotic physician is just an artificial intelligence that can diagnose you via online chat. Once you have your diagnosis, it will give you a link with further information on more details and treatment options for that disease.

In the future, we envision doctor bots to be just like humans. Complete with vision, hearing, sensation, and all that good stuff.

How do you make Robot doctors?

Well, there's the software and there's the hardware. The software is the brain, and the hardware is the body.

The human brain has a lot of similarities to actual computer software. We have many different functions that work synergistically with one another. For example, there's a recognition part of our brain that gives us the ability to recognize things. If this part is damaged, we can't recognize people's faces even if we are able to identify their voices. There's also this part of our brain that takes care of our vision, our hearing, and our sense of balance, even without us having to consciously thinking about it. For example, in Broca's aphasia, we damage the part that let us translate our thoughts to speech. In Wernicke's aphasia, we damage the part that let us translate other people's speech into our thoughts.

Computer softwares are also made of functions that work synergitically with one another. So we think it's really cool to make computer software that models the functions of the human brain. For example, there's the logical program, there's the emotional program, there's the database that holds memories, in that database there's the memory pertaining to diseases; there's spatial memory, procedural memory of diagnostic skills; there's the function that takes care of outputing language, and there's the function that takes care of interpreting language.

Why make Robot Doctors?

Because it's cool, and it's going to help people in the future. It's cool because human intelligence is really fascinating. How our logic works, how we feel, how doctors can diagnose you with the right disease just by asking you a few questions. It's helpful to people because we all get sick now and then, and being able to get a preliminary diagnosis without having to wait for the doctor appointment is helpful.

So, to make our robot doctor, we start with the software, with the hardware being your computer browser and your keyboard as input system. With this basic hardware, you can communicate with our robot doctor online. And by combining the insight and knowledge learned in medical school with pure computer logic and functions, we seek to create a smart, friendly robot doctor.

You can chat with our robot doctor today.
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