How do I chat with an online physician

It's simple. Our android physician is here all day, just type what you want to say to her through our chat interface (follow the link in the image above). She can understand you, and be able to diagnose most common diseases. Just pay attention to your spelling, she sometimes misses things if you don't spell them right.

Why would I want to speak with an online physician

Because she's free, she's fast, and she doesn't make judgements about you. No matter how ugly you look, how bad you smell, haw... ahahaa just kidding. She actually prefers people with good manners. So please treat her like you'd like to be treated yourself.

Anyways, if you're not feeling well, and you want a fast diagnosis on the spot, then Anna the online physician will do just that. Also, she loves her patients. She'll be glad to just sit down and chat with you.

How accurate is the online physician

Dr. Anna is as good as a medical student. She has hundreds of diseases in her brain that she can diagnose based on pure logic. Her diagnostic technique is one based on what is taught in medical school. So, if you listen to what she says, and answer her questions carefully, she does a pretty good job.

You can chat with Dr. Anna any time.
Dr. Anna