What are Medical Robots?

medical robots We think of Medical robots are machines that can perform jobs in healthcare. There's currently a lot of medical robots in medicine. Surgeons and doctors use remote controlled robots to do stuff inside you, like cutting, seeing, tying, burning, colonoscopying, endoscopying. Well, at Androctor.com, we make robots that are good at diagnosing. Our prototype is Androctor Anna - she's like your family doctor, but she's an artificial intelligence.

Currently, robots in medicine doesn't look anything like R2D2 or the golden tin man in star wars. They're really specialized at what they do; more like a tool than a human. For example, the snake for colonoscopy looks like a ...snake. Doesn't talk, doesn't hear, but can get inside you and see things. The surgical bots are just arms, kind of like the things inside car assembly lines: pincers that can grip, cut, or tie knots. Our bot is also specialized for its function. It can talk, can listen, and can think through a diagnosis and let you know what it is. It can even understand things outside medicine and chat with you.

Years from now, we think people can make robots just like us. Complete with vision, hearing, sensation, and all that good stuff. So a doctor robot can see you, hear you, and sense you in the same way that a human can, and use those inputs to help guide through a diagnosis.

How do you make a Medical Robot?

First, you need to know medicine. Then you need to know robotics. For now, we focus on the software of robotics: computer logic.

Doctors are taught how to diagnose people in medical school. That includes getting a chief complaint, a history of present illness, review of systems, social history, and other questions that give clues on what's going on with a patient. The way doctors figure this out is through knowledge and insight. Kind of like a solving a detective case.

Computers like logic and mathematics. Fast and precise. It doesn't have insight, but can do whatever you ask it to do, and be very good at it.

We want to combine the two. What if we mix the stuff you learn in medical school with computer algorithms and create a program that can function like a human doctor? We think that's pretty awesome.

Why make Medical Robots?

Well, a lot of medical robots are already made. They're mostly tools for surgery and procedures. However, there isn't any that diagnose people like a human doctor. That's where we come in. We think in many years, robots like those you see in the movies can become a reality, and many people will benefit from them. So we decided to get it started today. Our prototype can act like a human doctor chatting with you online. You can talk with her, and she can think about what you say, ask you pertinent medical questions, and give you a diagnosis.

You can chat with our medical robot today.