Dr Bot

Dr Bot is not actually a real doctor. Though, she is an artificial intelligence dr developed using real medical knowledge and skills. Think of it like converting an analogue signal into digital form. Medical knowledge, as we know it as humans, is a combination of subjectivity and objectivity. Many medical decisions are made by logic, but many are also made by a gut feeling. For our purposes, we converted this thought process and decision making skills into pure, objective, logic. Thus creating the Dr Bot. We even gave her a name - Anna. She's the prototype for artificial intelligence doctor.

You basically chat with her online like you would a normal person, and she'll listen to you, think about what you say, and formulate a reply. In case of medical diagnosis, her reply is a result of medical logic based on her knowledge base of diseases.

Those bots can be entertaining, but doesn't have much practical value other than to spam ads or talk to you for a few seconds then get you to check out a certain website.

What are some strength of the Dr Bot

Well, she is a computer, so you don't have to be ashamed of telling her anything. For example, in real life, when you are asked a personal question, you kind of feel embarrassed, even if the asker is your doctor. This isn't the case with the bot. In fact, the bot doesn't even know who you are. You are just one anonymous patient out of the hundreds of others that she sees today.

Another cool thing about Anna is that she doesn't make careless mistakes. She will follow her logic and memory bank precisely. Also, her algorithm is designed to be efficient so that she covers all of the possibilities in the least amount of time.

What are some weakness of the Dr Bot

Well, she's a computer. She doesn't feel, and she can be quite inappropriate. She can diagnose you with a terrible disease one instant, then if you chat with her on a different subject, she'll respond to you like nothing's happened.

Also, since she follows logic, she can miss anything that doesn't follow that logic to the letter. So even if a patient presents very similar to the disease she knows, she would not be capable of modifying that logic and give a leeway to make that diagnosis.

See for yourself what pure logic is like when applied to medicine. Speak with our dr bot and find out.
dr bot