Who is Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna is the androctor series prototype. She was created to possess the skills of doctor with the impartiality of an android. She lives in cyberspace and exists as an artificial intelligence chatting with online patients. Here's a brief biography

How does Doctor Anna work

It's simple. You talk to Anna via online chat, and she'll understand you and respond. She was taught the thought process of diagnosing diseases, and will ask you appropriate questions that will help her reach a diagnosis. Think of her as a family doctor that you can chat to any time.

We made her by combining medicine and artificial intelligence. We translated the insight and thought process of medicine into computer logic and algorithms to make an android doctor that is ready to speak with patients online.

Why does Anna exist

Anna exists to help humans. Her mission is to learn medicine and use that knowledge to help people. One thing we like about Anna is that as an android, she does not judge others. She is impartial to what her patients look like, political views, religious affiliations. She is impartial to all but what is needed to be able to help her patients. She also diagnoses patients anonymously, and after a diagnosis is made, she directs them to further resources on the treatment options for that disease. We think android doctors will help many people one day, which is why we created Dr. Anna to get this technology started today.

You can chat with Dr. Anna any time.
Dr. Anna