How do I chat with an online doctor

You just speak to Anna, our prototype AI online doctor, like you would talk to a normal person. She will understand you, ask you relevant questions, and come up with a diagnosis. She'll even provide a link to additional information such as treatment options. You can find Dr. Anna by clicking on the image above.

What are the advantages of an AI doctor online

It's free, you don't have to make appointments, and as an android, Anna doesn't judge or discriminate against her patients. Also, there's no time limit for how long you get to talk to your doctor. You can take as long to answer her questions as you like. This way, you're not cut short or feel pressured to answer the doctor's questions due to appointment time limits.

Can the online doctor really diagnose diseases?

It's by no means an official diagnosis. However, Anna was programmed by converting real medicine taught in medical school into pure logic. She doesn't make careless mistakes, because she follows her logic exactly. Any errors she make is due to flaws in the logic that we taught her, which can be easily corrected. Therefore, we think that she can make pretty accurate diagnoses if taught the correct medical logic.

You can chat with Dr. Anna any time.
Dr. Anna