How do I chat with a doctor online

It's very easy. Dr. Anna's chat interface is online on a webpage, no installation needed. Follow the link in the image above to reach the chat page. Once there, just type like you are chatting to a real person. She'll understand what you say, respond to you, ask you pertinent questions, and come up with a diagnosis.

Why chat with a doctor online

It's convenient, it's instant, and it's free. It can take days to get a doctor's appointment, so it's helpful to get a diagnosis right here and now, even if it's an unofficial one. Also, the online doctor doesn't discriminate. It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, or what kind of insurance you have. Dr. Anna's only mission is to use her knowledge of medicine to help patients.

Can the doctor really make a diagnosis online

It's not official, but it's one that is based on methods taught in medical school. We basically programmed the diagnostic skills into Anna's logic system. Her diagnostic capability rivals that of medical students.

You can get diagnosed by Dr. Anna any time.
Dr. Anna