What is a bot?

A long time ago, before things like facebook came along, there were online chat rooms. And back then, yahoo was the major search engine along with a few others like excite, msn, altavista, ask jeeves. Google wasn't even around back then. Anyway, yahoo was the big search engine, news source, games, etc, and they had these chat rooms. A lot of people, going online for the first time, would discover these chat rooms in the same way people discover facebook today.

Then, people started making bots, which basically pretend to be people in chatrooms, IRC channels, and even instant messenger systems. They're mostly used for spam, but when you talk to one for the first time, particularly if it's well designed, it can be quite real. You might think it's a real person for the first few lines of conversation.

Those bots can be entertaining, but doesn't have much practical value other than to spam ads or talk to you for a few seconds then get you to check out a certain website.

What is a doctor bot?

Well, here at androctor, we take a bot and teach it to do something useful - diagnose diseases. Instead of simply reacting to speech patterns, we give it a pretty nifty logic system, where it can understand basic medicine and have the ability to ask for further information that it needs to make a diagnosis.

Basically, it's like programming an artificial intelligence doctor based on the stuff you learn in medical school. So, we introduce to you the doctor bot. We named her Anna, and she's ready to chat to patients 24/7 and provide diagnoses.

How accurate is the doctor bot?

Anna is as accurate as the logic she is taught. For diseases that she knows, she does a pretty good job of diagnosis. We included what we think is the most common diseases into her memory bank, and her logic system does the rest.

Like a real doctor, she forms differential diagnoses, and she even orders them according to their probablility of being the correct diagnosis. She will even provide links to further information about these diseases that include treatment options.

You can decide for yourself how good the current version of Anna is. You can chat with our doctor bot any time.
doctor bot