What is an Artificial Intelligence Doctor?

Artificial intelligence is basically computers trying to be human. We made a special type of AI that possesses medical knowledge and the logic to use that knowledge to form a diagnosis. We named her Androctor Anna, the prototype AI physician. She can talk to you online via a chat application. If you tell her you're sick, she'll try to diagnose you based on the knowledge and logic she was taught.

She actually does a pretty good job for the diseases that are in her memory bank. We tried to include the most common diseases there, so that she'll be able to diagnose most people who are not feeling well. Once she makes a diagnosis, she'll provide a link to further information including treatment options for that disease.

Can you really teach medicine to an artificial intelligence?

We think so. A lot of the stuff taught in medical school is very logical. There's a certain flow to things, certain questions you need to ask, and a very ordered thought process. Another field called clinical epidemiology uses statistics to predict what diseases are most likely based on certain symptoms. So, at least the science part of medicine can be taught to an artificial intelligence.

We believe that it is definitely possible that doctors translate their knowledge, insight, and thought processes into pure logic that is capable of using such knowledge to make independent diagnoses.

Can artificial intelligence replace doctors?

No. But they can definitely work under the supervision of doctors. We think that it's possible to create computers that can see patients on the physician's behalf (much like medical students to attendings), and have the physician supervise and make the final decision.

So, we decided to make a prototype of this technology. She's a computer program made by mixing medicine and logic, and is capable of diagnosing many common diseases. She can even talk about things not related to medicine. You can talk to our artificial intelligence doctor any time.
Artificial Intelligence doctor