What is an Android Doctor?

Androids are machines that look and act like human. Doctors are humans that diagnose diseases. So, android doctors are machines that act like doctors. We think that's really cool, so we made Androctor Anna, the prototype android doctor who is able to diagnose diseases. She speaks and listens to you like a human would, and based on what she thinks about you, she'll ask you questions like a real physician that helps her to arrive at a diagnosis.

Computers are getting smarter. Even a small smartphone like google's Android can browse the web, have voice and facial recognition. The technology for a sci-fi android complete with medical knowledge and human thought process is definitely there. Currently, our prototype can incorporates human speech with medical knowledge and logic to diagnose online patients.

How do Android doctors work?

Our droid works via on online application. We basically, gave her the ability to interpret languages, the ability to speak, the ability to think, and medical knowledge and insight. The thought process is made in a remote server, which means that even the most rudimentary device, such as a cell phone, can get amazing diagnostic results, as long as it can connect to the internet.

We kind of took what we learned in medical school, what we know about language and communication, and converted it to pure computer logic. The android is a clone of a part of our human knowledge and skills, and the clone can function independently using that small part of us that we taught it.

Why build Android Doctors?

We think it's really nifty to do something like this. Take 4 years of medical school, and convert it to pure computer logic, that can use that knowledge to think and diagnose people. We also think it's cool to give our android a perfect personality: altruistic, caring, nonjudgemental, committed to her objective of helping patients. Many years down the line, we think that fully human-like androids will become a reality, and android doctors (androctors) will be able to help out so many people.

So, we got this started and build a prototype. We combined medical knowledge with artificial intelligence and made Androctor Anna. You can chat with our android doctor any time.
android doctor