What is an AI Doctor?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. An AI doctor is an artificial intelligence that can diagnose diseases. Our prototype, Androctor Anna can converse with patients via online chat, ask appropriate questions, and think through a diagnosis. After arriving at a diagnosis, she give you a link to further information including treatment options. She's kind of like a family doctor, except that she works online and she's here 24/7.

Currently, artificial intelligence still has a sci-fi feel to it. However, the technology is really catching up. CPUs are getting faster, memories, disc spaces getting larger. It's really not so inconceivable that we can program a lot of human intelligence into pure computer logic and have it fit into one computer. To get started, we crammed the most common diseases taught in medical school into our AI, and gave it the logic to interpret this information. The end result is an independently functioning artificial intelligence that acts like a doctor.

How does the AI doctor work?

It's simple. You chat with her online. Talk like you would to a normal human doctor, and she'll interpret your speech and analyze its meaning. All the logical processing is done in our server, which means that the our AI doctor will work on any device with internet browsing capabilities, such as ipads, smartphones.

In medical school, we are taught diagnostic skills such as getting a chief complaint, review of systems, asking pertinent questions. A lot of this is very objective and scientific. Certain symptoms make a disease more likely, certain life histories make a certain disease more likely, etc. We basically programmed all this logic into an artificial intelligence.

Why program AI Doctors?

Apart from it being really cool and that one day many people will benefit from it, there are certain advantages to an artificial intelligence. For example, they are impartial, which means they will not judge people based on their looks, views, or affiliations. Everyone gets treated equally. Also, they will diagnose you anonymously. You don't have to tell our AI doctor who you are, where you live, or your insurance policy is. It's anonymous, impartial, and free.

Feel like chatting with our prototype? She's called Anna, and she's ready to chat with people online. So, feel free to speak to our AI doctor any time.
AI doctor